Who we are

We are 30 scientists from eight leading research institutions in Austria, with one joint vision: to unlock the microbiome's potentials for planetary health. We will use our multi-disciplinary background in environmental (green), medical (red), and methodological (blue) microbiome research, to move beyond the traditional boundaries and to identify unifying principles of how microbiomes are structured and how they function in complex environments. 


Involved institutions (alphabetical order): 

Involved researchers (and role):

  • Michael Wagner (Director of Research)
  • Christine Moissl-Eichinger (Deputy Director of Research)
  • Andreas Bergthaler (BoD member)
  • Christina Kaiser (BoD member)
  • Bernhard Lendl (BoD member)
  • Alexander Moschen (BoD member)
  • Leonid Sazanov (BoD member)
  • Angela Sessitsch (BoD member)
  • David Berry (Key Researcher)
  • Ruth Birner-Grünberger (Key Researcher)
  • Thomas Boettcher (Key Researcher)
  • Clarissa Campbell (Key Researcher)
  • Holger Daims (Key Researcher)
  • Kristina Djinovic-Carugo (Key Researcher)
  • Peter Ertl (Key Researcher)
  • Gregor Gorkiewicz (Key Researcher)
  • Peter Hinterdorfer (Key Researcher)
  • Thilo Hofmann (Key Researcher)
  • Matthias Horn (Key Researcher)
  • Katharina Kitzinger (Key Researcher)
  • Stephan Krämer (Key Researcher)
  • Alexander Loy (Key Researcher)
  • Jillian Petersen (Key Researcher)
  • Petra Pjevac (Key Researcher)
  • Martin Polz (Key Researcher)
  • Thomas Rattei (Key Researcher)
  • Andreas Richter (Key Researcher)
  • Isabella Wagner (Key Researcher)
  • Wolfgang Wanek (Key Researcher)
  • Dagmar Woebken (Key Researcher)