Equal opportunities

Human creativity lies at the heart of scientific endeavor. Studies consistently show that balanced teams perform better at creative problem-solving, suggesting that diverse personal perspectives and training experiences have tangible effects on workplace productivity. Beyond these pragmatic aspects, we are fully convinced that justice and fairness are basic human rights. We are firmly committed to implement these equality principles in our CoE.

While several idiosyncratic and social characteristics contribute to overall diversity, we will focus on three of the most neglected aspects in academia: gender, economic, and cultural diversity. Therefore, we would like to emphasize that our goal is not only to assure gender balance across different career stages, but that our overall vision is to assemble a team of current and future CoE members that provides equal opportunity to all qualified persons without discrimination based on their sex, gender identity, ethnicity, nationality, socioeconomic background, religious beliefs, disability unrelated to job requirements, or other protected statuses.

Examples of planned actions:

  • Career advancement initiative for women and parents with young children
  • Support in career & personal development, including mentoring and strategic training
  • International student training program
  • Program to support vising researchers from underrepresented regions
  • ...