MF 9 - Postdoc

Nano-Microbial Research with Atomic Force Microscopy Methods 

Duration of contract: 3 years 
Planned starting date: March 2024 
Place of work: Johannes Kepler University Linz

Main supervisor: Peter Hinterdorfer (CV | Lab Homepage
Supervision team: Stephan Krämer, Matthias Horn, Christine Moissl-Eichinger, Holger Daims


Project description:

This PostDoc position will adapt the fast-scan correlative AFM/Fluorescence Microscopy technique for high-resolution in-situ imaging of micromodels with single bacterial cultures, mixed bacterial cultures, and fungi for the characterization of microbial growth and spatial relationships between bacterial culture formation and surfaces (collaboration with WP 6.2.). Furthermore, the candidate will develop Cellular Recognition Force Spectroscopy (CRFS) for directly studying the interaction of giant viruses and RNA viruses with protists. These studies will be complemented by visualizing the coupled dynamics of viruses and protists using high resolution AFM imaging assisted by light microscopy (together with WP 2.2.). Future studies will include research on interaction networks in microbiomes and the human small intestine (SI) (with WP 1.1. and 7.). The ideal candidate has vast experience in AFM techniques and is fascinated to employ and adapt novel, cutting-edge AFM approaches for microbial research.



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