MF 8 - Postdoc (Sazanov)

Protein Characterization Facility 

Duration of contract: 3 years 
Planned starting date: ASAP 
Place of work: ISTA

Main supervisor: Leonid Sazanov (CV)


This position has been filled.


Project description:

CoE microbiome project will generate a realm of core molecular data ranging from from genomes, proteomes, metabolomes, transcriptomes to microbiomes. We anticipate a high fraction of "dark matter" in terms of function: that is, with elusive or entirely unidentified function.  
In order to gain mechanistic understanding of processes in which selected representative proteins or protein complexes are involved, we will generate structural models using integrative structural biology approach (cryo-EM, mass-spectrometry). The topics in which Sazanov lab is currently involved include membrane-bound enzymes from Comammox bacteria, in particular N. inopinata. Close collaboration with the workpackage focused on Chemical Perturbations and Microbiome Functioning is planned. Structural studies by of key enzymes, partially or fully purified from the cellular membranes isolated from native bacterial cultures, will be carried out to assess their (in many cases unknown) architecture, substrate and protein partners interactions, and potential for biotechnological applications.



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