MF 6 - Postdoc

Chemical imaging at the micro- and nanoscale 

Duration of contract: 4 years 
Planned starting date: ASAP 
Place of work: TU Wien

Main supervisor: Bernhard Lendl (CV | Lab Homepage
Supervision team: Georg Ramer (external)

This position has been filled.

Project description:

The postdoctoral researcher working in this position will focus on the development of micro- and nanoscale vibrational spectroscopy-based methods and instrumentation and their optimization for imaging of micro-organisms and cells in aqueous media. They will address selected research topics within microPLANET using these methods and coordinate with other microPLANET researchers to develop protocols for the application of micro- and nanoscale vibrational spectroscopy to their objects of study. Development of these methods will also include routines for chemometric evaluation of datasets and visualization of spectroscopic imaging data.

The ideal candidate has experience in the use of AFM-IR or other nanoscale infrared (IR) techniques as well as the chemometric evaluation of AFM-IR or vibrational spectroscopy datasets. They have an interest in the development of novel measurement setups, including optical design and mechanical integration of modules. Programming skills (Python, R, Matlab) for data evaluation and experience in optics design are advantageous. 



Method facilities

Supervisor CV (355.78 KB)