MF6 - PhD

Chemical Imaging Facility

Duration of contract: 3.5 years 
Planned starting date: October 2024 
Place of work: TU Wien

Main supervisor: Bernhard Lendl (CV | Lab Homepage

Supervision team: CAVS Research Group at TU Wien


Project description:

The aim of the dissertation is to develop modern on-line gas sensing systems based on state-of-the-art mid-infrared laser spectroscopy. Novel digital signal generation, data acquisition and data processing methodologies implemented on modern FPGA architectures are to be created and realized, based on intensive literature research and own ideas. The resulting methodologies are to be tested with existing and self-developed lab prototypes with the ultimate aim of improved sensitivity and ruggedness by quantification based on fitting of modelled gaseous analyte spectra. The work compromises writing scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals and the presentation of the results at national and international conferences.



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