MF 3+4 - Postdoc

Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization & Single-Cell Transcriptomics Facility

Duration of contract: 4 years 
Planned starting date: ASAP 
Place of work: University of Vienna

Main supervisor: Holger Daims (CV | Lab Homepage
Supervision team: Michael Wagner


This position has been filled.


Project description:

The Postdoc will focus on the development of advanced multicolor FISH and single-cell spatial transcriptomics techniques and their optimization for use with different kinds of environmental and clinical samples. The Postdoc will address selected research topics by applying these novel methods using high-end confocal and super-resolution microscopy equipment, and will be involved in the development and/or application of image analysis procedures to extract quantitative data from the resulting image datasets. The Postdoc will also interact with Senior Scientists and Technicians to achieve these goals and to establish routine imaging workflows based on the new methods. 
The ideal candidate is fascinated by the structural and functional diversity and by the spatial complexity of microbiomes. Experience with molecular and microscopy methods is essential, and a strong interest in cutting-edge imaging approaches is required. An interest in and experience with digital image analysis is ideal.



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